Monday, December 17, 2012

Topics for third quarter research project

Students may research any of the following topics during the third quarter Civil Rights research project in Mr. Randy Turner's eighth grade communication arts class at East Middle School:

-Freedom Riders

-Montgomery Bus Boycott

-Little Rock Nine

-Jackie Robinson's First Year in the Major Leagues

-Mississippi Murders/Freedom Summer

-Murder of Emmett Till

-Birmingham Church Bombing

-Assassination of Martin Luther King

-Assassination of Malcolm X

-Assassination of Medgar Evers

-Bloody Sunday/Selma March

-March on Washington/I Have a Dream

-Brown v. Board of Education

-Negro Leagues Baseball

-President Kennedy and the Civil Rights Movement

-President Johnson and the Civil Rights Movement

-Black Panther Party

Students may research another topic, but it must be related to the American Civil Rights Movement and must be approved by Mr. Turner.